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The Wind From The East

  • Director: Jojo Lee

  • Curator: Sunjoo Jung

  • Designer: Hyunsong Lee

  • Coordinator: Jiwoo Kim

  • Artists: Isamu Noguchi, Nam June Paik, Kishio Suga, Gu Wenda, Lee Bae, Ai Weiwei, Soo Hyeok Shin, Akiko Hirai, Binghui Song, Dahye Jeong, Guaier Huang, Hae Na Yoo, Hiro Takahashi, Hoi Chang, Hyunsong Lee, Ikuko Iwamoto, Jing Huang, Jinya Zhao, Liu Kim, Mizuki Nishiyama, Monica Tong, SaeRi Seo, Soobin Lee, Yaerin Pyun, Yo Thom

  • Location: Eton College (Tower Gallery), Windsor, United Kingdom

  • Date: 1-26 February 2024 

 The exhibition The Wind From The East will be held from 2 February through 26 February, at the Tower Gallery of Eton College. To celebrate East and South East Asian Heritage Month, the exhibition seeks to highlight ‘Progress’ as an inherent East Asian identity. Its setting, in a gallery filled with stately wooden cabinets, creates a dialogue between artworks whose fluid relationship is formed through continual layering. We will discover East Asian artists who established their own methodologies in a turbulent social climate. 

We move from Kishio SUGA (b. 1944), a pioneer of the Japanese Mono-ha Movement, to GU Wenda (b. 1955), a founding member of the 85 New Wave in China, and LEE Bae (b. 1956), a second-generation Korean Dansaekhwa artist who reinterprets traditional elements with contemporary methodologies. On top of that, just as the porcelain rabbit on the monitor of video art pioneer Nam June PAIK (1932–2006) embraces the moon, the colourful ceramics in the cabinets of the Tower Gallery exemplify the performative nature of East Asian art, representing the contemporary realms of 13 diasporic artists, including RCA Ceramics & Glass students/alumni. 


Like wind-blown sand deposited to form another stratum, we hope this exhibition will mediate communication between generations, creating a variety of touchpoints to broaden our understanding of contemporary East Asian history. 

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