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Using ceramics, Yaerin Pyun defamiliarizes the things that are familiar to us to encourage audiences to look closer at details and rediscover the hidden aspects of everyday life.  In this context, ceramics make her feel the value of everyday life. Consequently, she thinks that if people look inside objects, even the tiny things are connected to the entire world. That is why even things that are neglected or considered worthless are so special to her.

Inspired by her familiar natural heritage in South Korea, including mountains, rivers, and lots of snow in the winter, Yaerin creates ceramics that explore the complexity of nature and translate her experiences and emotions from that natural world into her work.  Yaerin believes that natural elements such as rocks, trees, grass, moss, and flowers represent a duality, for example, life and death, worth and worthlessness, beauty and impermanence, and ephemerality and eternity. Therefore, her work blurs the boundaries of fixed meanings of objects through this ambiguity, providing new possibilities for the imagination.

Her practice approach involves layering multiple coats of porcelain and glazes onto a surface, creating an ambiguous texture, and melting gemstones at high temperatures. This process explores the boundaries of metamorphosis by attempting to shift the fixed context of objects with worthlessness and impermanent meanings in everyday life, enabling audiences to view it from a different perspective.



2022-23 MA, Royal College of Art, Ceramics and Glass, London, UK
2014-19 BFA, Seoul National Univ. of Science and Technology, Ceramic Arts and Design, Seoul, South Korea



2024 Yoolizzy Craft Awards, Finalist, Seoul, South Korea

2023  FRANZ FRSP Scholarship Winner, Taipei, Taiwan

2019 The 25th Haengju Art Craft Design Award, Special Prize, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea 


2024 Yoolizzy Craft Awards Exhibition, Seoul Museum of Craft Art, Seoul, South Korea

2024 The Wind From The East, Eton College, Windsor, UK

2023 Hubbub, Bermondsey Project Space, London, UK

2023 London Design Festival, Charles Burnand Gallery, London, UK

2023 Royal College of Art Degree Show, RCA Battersea Campus, London, UK

2023 Inside Me, Ttukseom Art Museum, Seoul, South Korea
2023 RCA WIP Show, RCA Battersea Campus, London, UK
2022 Lighting the Onion Garden, London, UK
2020 The Arium Craft Exhibition, Seoul Women’s Craft Centre, Seoul, South Korea
2019 Craft Trend Fair, COEX, Seoul, South Korea
2019 The 25th Haengju Art Craft Design Contest, Goyang Korea Exhibition Hall, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea
2019 The 35th Jilggol, Insadong Ara Art Centre, Seoul, South Korea
2019 Contemporary Asian Ceramics Exchange Exhibition, China Academy of Art, Hangzhou, China
2019 1/N, Seoul Tech Museum, Seoul, South Korea
2019 International Society for Ceramic Art Education and Exchange (ISCAEE), Dankook University Museum, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea
2018 Seoultech Start-up Art Fair (STAF), Gallery meme, Seoul, South Korea
2018 Seoul National Univ. of Science and Technology Ceramics graduation exhibition, Seoul Tech Museum, Seoul, South Korea

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